Sabans Rent A Car - Stay Away

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Terrible is all I have to say.Van was a piece of junk.

Had to use a knife to unlock passenger door. We feared doors would fly open at any moment. Seat belts stayed locked and nearly choked out passengers. Dirty, broken parts, stains, burns yet they charged us a cleaning fee.

Oh the fee's, $99 turned into $280, what a joke. While going up hill the engine sounded like it was going to explode. Van was given to us on empty, but when we returned with more gas no discount was given. Completely rude when we asked about extra charges.

Sincerely, stay away from these dangerous vehicles and crooks.0 stars.

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Sabans Rent A Car - Do not go here!

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On an evening after getting my new job my husband's car broke down. Sabbans was open when we needed a car and they were close by. My husband rented the car. When the “contract” was signed my husband tried to hand Nano our insurance information which he stated he did not need. My husband hot and sweaty from having to walk there took the keys and came to pick me up. On the second day the red cavalier needed to be jumped in order to start. My husband was looking for work and I was at work from 9 to 7pm. Knowing we could not deal with the issue till the weekend we continued it’s use. The following day it needed to be jumped again. Then the following Saturday the car needed to be jumped again. This time at our home we started up up our broken Nissan sentra to get the car going. A strange man entered our garage uninvited while we were doing this. I was on high alert. Not only was he a stranger who entered a part of our dwelling uninvited but he was staring at my teenage daughters in the back of the car.

I asked him if he needed help he said he was there to repo the car because it was late. My husband grabbed his paperwork out of his wallet and shoved it at the man telling him. No it wasn’t late that we had rented it on a Tuesday and was to be returned on Tuesday. The man called his boss to tell him he saw the paper work. At this point my husband tells him that the battery keeps dying on the car and that we have had to jump it all week and it has been a huge disportment. The guy got off the phone and tells my husband to give it a few moments and the car will start on it’s own.

This is where we find out that not only did they try to take a car away early after paying for it for the week. But during the time we had the car they had been intentionally shutting it off.

On Tuesday my hubby turned the car in and told the man that he would like to rent again but our experience was bad. So the man brought around a different car and said this would make up for it.

It almost did. We went the whole week with no issues. The day we went to drop it off the check engine light came on. I printed out our bank statements because I saw that they took 2 deposits instead of having the first one roll over which is what we were told. Would happen. I figured it was a clerical error and showing them would fix it.

Boy was I wrong. We walked in the manager refused to even look at us. He handed us an estimate of charges stating that only 20$ would be put back into our account. They charged us over 129$ they charged us almost 200$ for insurance. When my husband told him we had insurance and showed him the card he said that it needed to be a piece of paper and a declaration. My husband went to call our insurance company at which point the manager kicked him out of the office stating he could not make a cell phone call because it would mess up his card reading machine. After my husband was done and the insurance company faxed over the paper work I approached the office door covered in sweat and head pounding from the heat hoping to get in the air conditioning. While my husband was concluding the call at which point the manager came out pf the front door screamed at me and told me he had no business with me only with my husband and that I could wait out by the road on the curb and he was trespassing me. I told him I wanted to make sure that the insurance company had sent over the paper work. He told me to leave again. At which point I reminded him that Arizona is a community property state and the man he had business with is my husband. He said he didn’t care. I started crying and explained to him that I wanted the mattered cleared up I needed the original paper work we signed and that he was going to make me late to work. He said I had everything I needed and to get out. He walked into his office and locked the door. My husband tried to enter and could not gain access because of the locked door.

I called Phoenix PD who sent out 2 officers who were amazing and nice. They told me that they have constant problem's with this establishment. He asked why we rented there. I told him we would have rented some where else but the truth was our car had broken down late in the evening and they were open. I explained to the officer we were just checking on our paper work and wanted to know if the insurance company sent over proof of insurance and that we needed the original paper work so our insurance Company could at the very least reimburse us. They thought that sounded like a reasonable request. Although a civil matter they decided to do me a favor and asked the manager them selves. The manager told them no comment and to get out.

When we came home to phone our bank of fraud we found our bank account drained and over drawn.

Do not rent from them no matter what they are a fraudulent company that has never been held liable because no one wants to fight them.

My bank will be reimbursing us the entire cost and Visa will be going after them.

Please do not rent from them. If you are seriously desperate Go to Budget and get a truck. It may seem ridiculous but they give pretty good gas and they do better business.

In addition to the money issues their cars have been smoked in have squeaky breaks. They are also rude and haven’t the faintest idea what costumer service is.

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Sabans Rent A Car - Got scammed by these Frauds!

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This business is obviously fraudulent they double charged me and the car was horrible!I was told the car would be $159 a week + 19.55 tax and no hidden fees.

I declined the insurance. They charged my card for $400!!

They have a "F" rating with the BBB and I will be contacting the AZ atty general.

I hope this company gets shut down!

The car had no heat (and it was 17 degrees!) it shimmied all over the highway had no power, trunk was completely ripped apart.The car shocked you YES electric shocked you to the point of it hurting!

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Sabans Rent A Car - DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!! WARNING

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Rented a car from here on Christmas eve, the man behind the counter ran my debit card before I even picked out a car!!!I agreed to $129 a week + 20% for taxes, rented the car for two weeks.

Upon returning the car I was told I owe and additional $73 and they were keeping my deposit because I returned the car two hours late which I called and gave them a heads up. $573 was my total after all their hidden charges. I provided my own insurance and they still charged me for sabans insurance and refused to return my money. He even threatned to call the police on me!

Horrible, *** bag customer service. The car was *** I had to open the gas tank with a stick! I'm reporting this business to the BBB and have already contacted an attorney.

He also refused to give me a copy of the break down of charges.This company has pages and pages of poor reviews do your research

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Sabans Rent a Car: Now Phoenix Rent a Car

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Ripped off by these thief's.

Now even more exposed for their fraudulent ways.

More people need to file complaints with the AG's office so they will get off their lazy butts and take action. Otherwise business like this will contimue to fraud customers with the AG's blessing.

Send your complaints to the Arizona Attorney Generals Office

Attorney General Office

Phoenix Office

1275 West Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926



Stop Sabans from doing this to others !

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Sabans Rent A Car - Refuses to pay me wages earned

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Saban's Car Rental in Phoenix Arizona rents sub-standard cars. I was a mechanic for them for 6 weeks. They would not allow me to make repairs to cars which I felt were necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle. They endanger consumers due to this negligent practice.

They do not adhere to federal law regarding verification of an employee's legal right to work in this country, they did not even as for my picture ID or Social Security Card.

After working there for 6 weeks, during which time they deducted no taxes or FICA, they presented me with an Independent Contractor's Agreement, and attempted to force me to sign it. This position does not meet the legal requirements for an Independent Contractor, as a matter of fact, according to IRS regulations, this position does not meet one single criteria for an Independent Contractor.

When I was let go because I wouldn't sign the Independent Contractor Agreement, they then refused to issue me my final check. After 4 days they finally paid me a portion of the entire amount due, but they held $375 of my earnings.

I have filed a claim with the Labor Board, but I want to let consumers know about Saban's unsafe repair practices.

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Sabans Rent A Car - Saban's was a horrible experience. The owner called me a *** and tried to hit me.

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I rented a vehicle from them for 3 days. When I took the vehicle, they didn't put how many miles it had on it when I left in the contract, it was a $99 a day rental. For day, NOT for miles.

Upon returning the vehicle, they tried to say that I drove it more than 2000 miles and owed them $1900! When I refused to pay and told them that if they charged it to my bank I would have the payment cancelled, the OWNER began to threaten and curse at me! He made several very crude remarks about me and my husband. He locked my husband and I out of the building and refused to speak to me, saying that he was filing felony charges for nonpayment. He has already taken $800 out of my bank account. This is the most unprofessional, rude, vulgar, and dishonest establishment I have EVER done business with, and I will NEVER return. I have already hired a lawyer and am working on a civil suit. I have also contacted the local news. I highly discourage usage of this company. Enterprise is who I use now, and they are much better!

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Glendale, Arizona, United States #633738

Rented a car for 1 week at a base price of$129.The car was a piece of *** and shimmied on the highway.

I used it for one week and upon returning it was charged $316 for the week. They said the $17 tax was calculated daily and not for the week. When I tried to get some answers as to why they were not forthcoming of this fact the Owner immediated got hostile and threw me out.

I did not raise my voice nor cuss but he sure did.COMPLETE FRAUDS!!!


Total rip off, they steal your money, lie to you and then threaten you with violence when you complain.

They have changed their name to Phoenix rent a car, beware, same company now fraudulent under a different name.


wish I had read this before I rented there, they try to hit me with a baseball bat!


SABAN rental car steals innocent people's money in the name of rental car business. The owner is nothing but a thief who steals people's money. He stole $550 from my credit card when I returned his filthy car in less than 24 hours.


Note: The web site of the new name for Saban's is : This needs to be passed along also.


I had the same terrible experience.Threats, temper tantrums, inflated prices from what was promised and a vehicle that was almost 10 years old and unsafe.

Saban's or Phoenix Car Rental needs to be out of business now. Spread the word to everyone on facebook or twitter and have them pass it on. I had my 78 year old Father-in-Law with me and he had just had a heart attack, so I couldn't fight back at the time.

The credit card company is now involved.DO NOT RENT FROM THEM, PLEASE.


I wish I had read this before I rented there. I just had a dirty van, but was met with the same brash tactics. How do they stay in business??

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